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Wine2Go App Presents: WNTC – Château Musar Vertical Tasting Wine Dinner

Serge Hocher, the owner/ wine maker of Chateau Musar in Lebanon was one of my most respected wine makers of all times, not only because of his wine making talents but more so of his perseverance to achieve his dreams despite in a overwhelmingly unfavourable and dangerous surrounding. He tirelessly and courageously led his winery to international recognition throughout the civil wars with Israel and Syria between 1948 and 1975. His contagious sense of humour and eclectic personality certainly didn’t hurt to propel him to popularity.

Two years ago, after having hosted a back vintage tasting with his wines going back to 1978, I was invited to lunch with him and his handsome son Marc =). The lunch was fun and inspiring, and I was promised a tasting of 1959, his first vintage, should I return to Lebanon. (I visited in 2010.) He told me numerous unbelievable stories about making wines during war time. We agreed on most things except the necessity of  wine and food pairing. He believed that wines should be enjoyed independently of food, and I think that on occasions, certain food pairing brings out the essence of a wine and vice versa. After lunch, we have agreed to meet more regularly and see how to better promote such undervalued but lovely wines.

Fast forward to today, I was expecting to meet him again on his return this Chinese New Year so you can imagine my shocking reaction upon learning about his accidental passing early this month. In honour of his spirits and skills, am hosting a Lebanese wine tasting dinner. We shall start with a tasting of eight vintages of his wines before proceeding to the dinner section tasting wines from other emerging Lebanese wine makers.

I hope you can join me to explore a new horizon!


Dinner Menu as follow:

  • Sliced eels’ back with garlic
  • Smoked egg
  • Sponge bean curd with 4 vegetables
  • Braised meatballs
  • Pork Belly in soya sauce
  • Shaoxing preserved vegetable with pork belly
  • Sauteed beef fillets with onion
  • Smoked chicken
  • Braised duck with scallion
  • Tofu with dried bamboo shoots cooked in a hot pot
  • Dan Dan noodles
  • Xiao Loong Bao (Steamed soup-filled buns)
  • Guo Tie (Pork pan-fried dumplings)
  • Black glutinous rice with pumpkin and 8 delights

Wine List as follow*: (TBC)

  • Musar 1978
  • Musar 1988
  • Musar 1998
  • Musar 1999
  • Musar 2001
  • Musar White 2003
  • Musar White 2006
  • + 1 more Musar vintage + 5 different producers from Lebanon

Date: 9th February 2015

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Zhe Jiang Heen
(2/F & 3/F, Kiu Fu Commercial Building, 300-306 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai)

Cost: HKD998 (all inclusive)

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