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Highlight: South African Wine Festival 2014

It was our great pleasure to be invited to the South African Wine Festival 2014 and celebrate the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy! The wine tasting was full of surprises! Here’s are some of our hot picks:


2014-04-16_David white

David Aristargos 2012 from Swartland was the first white wine we ever tasted in the Festival and it delighted our taste bud with its light body, sweetness and fruitiness.

2014-04-16 _David red

The red wine of David wasn’t as good. Instead, the bottle next to it, Newton Johnson Elgin Pinot Noir 2011 was our favourite. It was a sophisticated bottle with surprise – deep, abundant flavours of blackberry with a long savoury finish – definitely not something to be expected in South African wine!

2014-04-16 18 _warwick

According to the staff, Warwick will appear in the next James Bond movie! We were excited to have a chance to taste this to-be-infamous wine. Have a taste of it before the price goes up!


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