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Wine Article: Learn wine knowledge from lovely pictures!

Fill red wine glasses 1/3 full, white wine glasses 1/2 full, and sparkling wine 3/4 full.

On the table, your wine glass goes to the right of your water glass.

Twist the bottle at the end of pouring a glass of wine, to prevent drips.

Always hold your wine glass by the stem. Many people mistakenly think you only need to hold white wine by the stem (so you don’t warm up the wine), but experts say you should hold red wine by the stem, too.

Cheers! When clinking glasses, make eye contact with the other person.

Wine Cartoon

While taking a sip, you should politely look into your glass. (And not at another person, if you’re in the middle of a conversation.)

Wine Cartoon

The host’s duty is to make sure glasses stay filled. “My eyes go to empty glasses immediately,” wine expert John Thoreen says. “It’s a real radar thing for me.”

Wine Cartoon

Or happily forget all the tips above, and just eat, drink and be merry!



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