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Wine Articles: Occasion-led wine bottle wraps, from Stranger & Stranger

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The wines, which are being sold in Safeway stores in California, feature patented bottle sleeves covering most of the bottle surface. These are decorated with individual images, quotes and recipes.

Stranger & Stranger created the designs as a self-initiated project, before pitching them to Safeway with Truett Hurst about six months ago.

Kevin Shaw, founder and creative director of Stranger & Stranger, over-saw the project, and the creative work split between the consultancy’s New York and London offices.

‘Safeway wanted to do something innovative – which isn’t something you often hear from the supermarkets in the UK’, says Shaw. ‘The wine shelves can look pretty boring – there’s 500 bottles shouting at you but they don’t say anything about the occasion.

‘They talk about the country or the type of grape, but you want to know what will be great for a night out or a dinner party. The way wine is usually presented is very different to how you as a consumer want to buy it.’


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