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Wine Articles: Glass masterclass – Get the best from your wine

* Think of the relationship between wine and its vessel as akin to the relationship between recorded music and a hi-fi. Listening to great music on rubbish speakers does it no favours.

* Spend on a glass what you would spend on a bottle.

* The bowl should always be big enough to swirl the wine around in.

* Shop carefully. Choose shops where staff know their onions.

* A glass by Germany’s Eisch that is controversially described as made of special “breathable” glass has been making an impression. And Riedel’s range of ‘O’ glasses pushes out wine drinking boundaries by offering the classic wine glass shapes with no stem – for a more casual experience.

* Never buy glassware with silver or gold on the rim as wine reacts with metal, changing its taste.

* Keep your fancy glasses for the good bottles, especially those big reds. Use them every day at your peril.

* Save the washing-up until the morning, or use the dishwasher. Most cleaning instructions for high-end wine glasses require unhampered concentration – in short, not for the inebriated.

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