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Wine & Food Pairing: Sweet Wine x Food

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While sweet wines are overall good matches for dessert wines, it is still important to match the relative sweetness and the body of the wine with the dessert.  The wine should not be too sweet and heavy or else it risks overpowering the flavor of the desserts.

Suggested dessert pairing include: Moscato d’Asti with apple or light fruit based dessert; Tokay with pudding type, etc. Another great match is to pair sweet wines with savory food.  For example, try a Sautern or Vouvray with foie gras or roasted pork or a late Harvest Videl with bacon.

Try this yummy recipe of foie gras, and pair with selected wines from Wine2Go App!


3/4 lb row fat duck liver
1 glass cognac
1 pinch salt
3 pinches black pepper
3 pinches red peppers


1 Prepare and open the liver at the ambient temperature on a plastic tablet with your hand.

2 With the peak of a sharp knife follow the blood vessels and through it away; The trick is to put the peak of your knife just under the vessel. No needs to pull it strongly just open it delicately.

3 One the most important vessels are away, put salt, peppers and brandy on the liver.

4 Let it marinate for 12 hours at least.

5 The day after, put your oven at around 150°C—it’s important to follow carefully the temperature of the liver.

6 Put it in a small size clay form (20 cm diameter max) with large boards, for 20 minutes; your oven should stay at a regular temperature for 30 minutes.

7 Leave it for 3 hours in your freezer.

8 Cut in 1-inch slice. Put it on a roasted bread and enjoy it with a not dry white wine.


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